Taboo Descendants: Heroes of Renown – Prologue

I sit and ponder over the vital information that has just been given to me.
As the panic rises within, I feel the desperate need to crawl onto the floor, lie on my side, wrap my arms around my knees, and assume the fetal position. How peaceful it would be to regress back to the innocence of infancy. The deafening silence engulfs me as I sit in the prenatal darkness of my room.
Throughout my life, I have been known for boundless dramatics, but at this point in my personal journey, I see no good in continued overreaction.
I am in too deep to back out now, and have nowhere else to turn. The only option available to me is to say adios to all that I hold dear…or what is left of it.
My thoughts become action and a cool, blue light illuminates the desk in front of me. I open the laptop sitting conveniently in the center of the icy, blue circle emanating from the steel lamp shade above.
My email inbox fills the screen.
I choose to ignore all the unread messages, both spam and those with pleading subject lines, as I hit “Compose” and begin to type.

I need your undivided attention and unconditional trust.
These may be the last words that I communicate to you. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot tell you everything and I must be brief. For that, I apologize, but as you know, our messages are being monitored.
By now, you are also aware of my losses, but please, Chica, do not believe the lies that are being spread about me on the mainstream media! You know I would never do anything to hurt the ones that I love. At least, not intentionally.
In their memory and honor, I will avenge them or die trying!
But, I digress. The issue is bigger than that. In short, the world that we know and have come to love is at an end. I know this all sounds unbelievable, cliché even, but it’s the truth.
Earth has been invaded again.
The initial invasion occurred in ancient times. The invaders have lived among us, most of them harmoniously, for thousands of years. Uncovering the whos, hows, and whys of these ancient secrets is now paramount to our survival as a species.
I know what you’re thinking, but there is no need to worry about me. I’m not in this alone…not by a long shot. I have allied with some powerful individuals and we plan win this war.
I can’t say anymore right now. Just know that I love you.
Con amor,
Kaya Lena Jerito
P.S. As my mother would say, ‘Beware of the betrayal of beauty’. In other words, I wouldn’t trust a shiny package without knowing what’s inside.

I watch as the mouse’s arrow flies to the “Send” button and clicks.
As I close the laptop, I wonder if I have just endangered my best friend or saved her life. I cannot know for sure, but I have conviction that she will heed my warning. She and I are connected in ways that few understand. She is my sister by choice and I love her to the moon and back.
Besides, what is done is done. All I can do now is sit and reflect on my actions without any pity or regret.
With some introspective thought, I deduce how I ended up in this predicament. I had fallen prey to the same lust and fear my mother constantly warned me about. My loins had never been a source of good judgment.
My terrors, on the other hand, had begun three weeks ago with a vivid nightmare and an extremely deadly crisis.
I am willing to share my experiences in hopes of saving others. If attention is paid to my testimony, many lives may be preserved. For me, the effort to recount my story is a worthy cost if just one innocent person is spared the price I have paid for my freedom.

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