Her love was priceless. I held it once — twice. Tender fingers gloved, Careful not to drop. I felt infinite. Carried by clouds, Ascended upwards, Carassed by the moon. The sun smiled with pride. Birds sang — wings spread wide. Earth celebrated.  On her day, we kissed. Lips of satin flesh, Eyes of hot syrup, […]

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Recalling The Villain

I wake to the sound of water droplets falling. The air smells damp and stale like an old dish rag. The ground is hard and uneven beneath me. I do not know where I am, but none of this is familiar. I fear I have been lost in this cave for days. I open my […]

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Short Story: The One She Lost

The moment I died, I saw a pinpoint of light appear after a brief period of solitude. The luminance, both beautiful and inviting, grew pleasantly warm and significantly larger as I approached it, joyfully. I had finished my battle with breast cancer with dignity and felt grateful to finally be able to return home. To […]

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A First Novel Come to Life

To My Future Readers, I spent 2016 updating and editing my novel. In 2017, I am searching for an agent to assist me in achieving publication. I claim 2017 as my year! I am still working out the details/edits/re-writes, but I am ready to share my novel with the world!  Maybe you will be the one […]

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