Her love was priceless. I held it once — twice. Tender fingers gloved, Careful not to drop. I felt infinite. Carried by clouds, Ascended upwards, Carassed by the moon. The sun smiled with pride. Birds sang — wings spread wide. Earth celebrated.  On her day, we kissed. Lips of satin flesh, Eyes of hot syrup, […]

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Recalling The Villain

I wake to the sound of water droplets falling. The air smells damp and stale like an old dish rag. The ground is hard and uneven beneath me. I do not know where I am, but none of this is familiar. I fear I have been lost in this cave for days. I open my […]

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Short Story: The One She Lost

The moment I died, I saw a pinpoint of light appear after a brief period of solitude. The luminance, both beautiful and inviting, grew pleasantly warm and significantly larger as I approached it, joyfully. I had finished my battle with breast cancer with dignity and felt grateful to finally be able to return home. To […]

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Twilight Zone Fan Fiction: To Serve Man or Die

“It is twelve o’clock noon on Earth in your time zone, Mr. Chambers,” I spoke through the microphone routed to his cell as I watched him lounge on the sofa smoking his tenth cigarette of the day. “If you decline to eat, I must ask that you refrain from smoking at your current rate. We […]

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Taboo Descendants: Heroes of Renown – Chapter I:  From Dreams to Reality

I blinked but saw only darkness. The space before my eyes was so opaque that I felt blinded. Fear mounted rapidly inside my chest, as if in attempt to smother my heart in the face of the unknown. It’s only a dream. I told myself. I’m safe. Just as I regained my composure, the strong […]

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Taboo Descendants: Heroes of Renown – Prologue

I sit and ponder over the vital information that has just been given to me. As the panic rises within, I feel the desperate need to crawl onto the floor, lie on my side, wrap my arms around my knees, and assume the fetal position. How peaceful it would be to regress back to the […]

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A First Novel Come to Life

To My Future Readers, I spent 2016 updating and editing my novel. In 2017, I am searching for an agent to assist me in achieving publication. I claim 2017 as my year! I am still working out the details/edits/re-writes, but I am ready to share my novel with the world!  Maybe you will be the one […]

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